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locally shaped

Agave surf is working with local southern California shapers to create high performance, plant based surfboards made from home grown materials. 


Locally Sourced

Agave Surf sources core materials from the southern California area, where agave is often planted as a decorative plant. A single week of collecting can yield enough agave stalks to make 3-5 surfboard blanks of various lengths.  


The stalks are processed in a solar powered facility, turning them into the raw materials for blank production. 

the blanks

Shapers new to agave will find that the skills and tools with which they are already familiar directly translate to the making of an agave surfboard.  

the composite

To keep the majority of our composites plant based, but also high performance in the water, we have opted for an epoxy finish for our boards.


locally enjoyed

The shaper knows the water. The land knows the material. The surfer trusts all four. 

When this system is transparent, the result is in line with the philosophy.


Steve Adam Gallery


Looking for some one-of-a-kind Southern California art? We've partnered with our good friend Steve Adam to create some of the most unique and beautiful art we've ever seen, and we think you'll feel the same. You can see our entire line at his Laguna Beach gallery, and check out our most recent shoot below!


Agave Surf X RIVI Bikini X Steve Adam Gallery


Reserve Your Adventure

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