Growers First

We've partnered with Dave Day and Growers First to learn more about the meaningful ways we can impact agricultural communities both domestically and internationally as we turn our eye towards cultivating agave. Recently we visited two of their community building projects; the coffee and Mezcal growing regions in southern Mexico, and their ambitious, but vital, art and culture center in the heart of the Salton Sea. 


Bombay Beach

Bombay Beach is a tiny desert town—just under one-mile-square—that sits on the east shore of the Salton Sea in California's Imperial Valley about 60 miles southeast of Palm Springs in the midst of the Sonoran Desert. At 233 feet below sea level, Bombay Beach is geographically the lowest community in North America with a history of harder than hard knocks that can make it feel even lower. 

Central America

In the remote areas of developing countries, issues involving the environment are rarely part of the thought process. For most, their focus is mainly on survival. At Growers First part of our mission is to show that oftentimes, what is best for the environment can also be best for the farmer.

Laguna Beach

In September of 2017, southern Oaxaca experienced a series of earthquakes that absolutely devastated the community. Growers First is bringing back a limited number of doorways from the wreckage, in some cases up to 150 years old, to raise funds and tell the story of recovery in the area. Help us provide the resources to rebuild buy reaching out to purchase a door for your garden, entryway, or neighbor!