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Make a splash this season with an eye-catching wave rider that doubles as art. Agave Surf (, a Laguna Beach-based brand by Ian Bryan and Nate Headrick, offers surfboards with a story. Crafted from the blossom of an agave plant, the boards are lightweight (making them easy to hang on the wall of your seaside abode) and have a reverse carbon impact. "The visual aspect is a draw," says Headrick. "People respond to the beauty right off the bat. It's a great talking point." Each board is made by hand from locally sourced agave plants. Once the agave stalks are harvested, they are processed in a solar-powered facility in San Clemente, turning them into raw materials for production. When milled and laminated, the woodlike medium is ideal for shaping sleek masterpieces. "We hope to inspire and foster a movement toward renewable materials," says Bryan. Eco-chic, indeed.  -Sharael Kolberg